About Sergio

Meet Sergio Rutter. Sergio is a professional bog snorkeller who holds the current world record for the 110 m event. Retired from the more conventional saltwater snorkel racing found in southern Europe, Sergio moved to bog snorkelling to capitalize on a wider market and bigger endorsement deals. Known widely as the greatest snorkel racer in modern times, Sergio faced tremendous criticism when he left the Tarragona Starfish of Sapin to join the prestigious Sennybridge Mudslugs in Brecon, UK. In a particularly acrimonious departure, thousands of Tarragona fans lined the streets and threw dead groupers at Sergio’s entourage while chanting “eat this you sellout” in Spanish. Sergio later said he was saddened by the ordeal, but explained that he had to take the pay increase while he still had a few peak years left.